Sunday 10 March 2013

Draft minutes for the AGM 10th March 2013
Attending; John Robshaw, Gwen Osborne, Kathy Newman, Hannah O'Leary, Mr Stone and Richard Barrett. Apologies for absence - Neil Holt. Visitor - Josh Field.

Meeting starts 10-15 AM
The amendment reducing the rent period for new plot-holders  to six months was agreed by all. This will mean that where plots are rented and then abandoned, the association will be able to claim them back to re-let in shorter time scale.

Election of officers
Chairman - Neil Holt
Secretary - Richard Barrett
Treasurer - Gwen Osborn
Assistant Treasurer - John Robshaw
The committee would comprise of the above plus Kathy Newman

The first committee meeting would be on 14th April 2013 at 10 AM on site.

Various opinions were voiced over what standard of cultivation a plot should keep to. How much was the weather to blame and personal medical problems. It was agreed that everyone should try harder this year to improve their plots.

Enquiry was made whether the residents of Bartholomew Road properties had priority, if the plot at the bottom of their garden became available. The secretary advised this was not so, as the waiting list which had been running for some years was the priority source for the letting of plots

 The meeting finished at 11 AM.



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