Monday 10 March 2014

Bartholomew Road Allotment Association
Draft minutes for the AGM 9th March 2014

Attending; Neil Holt, Gwen Osborne, Jenny Mould, Mrs Talboys, Mrs Newman, Hannah O'Leary, Julie Stone, Liz Thomas and Richard Barrett.
Apologies for absence – Josh Field and John Robshaw
Meeting starts 10-05 AM

The minutes for 2013 AGM were agreed with no matters arising.

 Election of officers

Chairman - Neil Holt
Secretary - Richard Barrett
Treasurer - Gwen Osborn
Assistant Treasurer - John Robshaw
The committee would comprise of the above plus Jenny Mould, Liz Thomas and Kathy Newman
The first committee meeting would be on 6th April 2014 at 10 AM on site.

 The next AGM would be on 8th March 2015

Discussion ranged about the associations bank account, whether more members could help with mowing and hedge-cutting. A new agreement between the association and members was introduced, this is to be signed before rents are paid to help combat neglected plots. This completes the terms set out in the Allotments Charter drawn up by Oxford City Council and the Oxford & District Federation of Allotment Associations.

The meeting finished at 11 AM.

A selection of Romanesco Cauliflower and Sprouting Broccoli picked on the day

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